Welcome to the NEW USACi Worldwide Website!

Welcome to usacI! the loudest sport on earth

Welcome to usacI! the loudest sport on earth

Welcome to usacI! the loudest sport on earthWelcome to usacI! the loudest sport on earthWelcome to usacI! the loudest sport on earth


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rockin' the house for over 30 years!

United States AutoSound Competition International - Since 1986

The History of the Organization

In the mid 1980's a small conversation sparked by a man named George Reed from Thunder on Wheels, a small time Mississippi outfit that metered sound systems in parking lots for fun, led to a joint effort from others that jump-started what we now know as USAC.  The organization slowly spread like wildfire, attracting automotive audio enthusiasts nationwide.  In the 1990's USAC began its journey overseas and was officially renamed USACi, the "i" standing for International.

Where are we Today

USACi has grown into an international car audio megalith encompassing over a dozen countries world wide with a following of hundreds of thousands of people internationally.  With the widest variety of competitive formats and feature attractions, USACi is the standard bearer of competitive car audio.

What's In It For you as an audiophile?

Family Fun For All

In a male dominated organizations, it is often a chore to create an atmosphere suitable for the kiddos and the spouse, but with so many female competitors and children's competitive classes, USACi events always have something for the entire family!

Stimulate Your Senses

No kidding, our events are LOUD!  From subsonic bass permeating the concrete to vocals and percussion profound enough to leave a memory in your noggin forever, our endless sea of demo vehicles at every show will leave you wanting more music you can feel.

Experience LOUD

When we tell you we host the loudest vehicles in the world, we aren't kidding.  Sound Pressure Levels loud enough to tear phone books, implode watermelons, this is a whole different animal from your buddy with his factory audio system.

Networking Opportunities

Throughout the year, our event schedule is full of shows hosted and sponsored by manufacturers and dealers, giving the average Joe the opportunity to meet industry professionals and icons nearly all year, and excellent way to learn and make industry friends.

Meeting Like-Minded Enthusiasts

The vast majority of our constituency is built on friendships, both personal and professional, most of which were established in the competition lanes or demo arenas around the world.  USACi events are the best way to get to know like minded folks in your area!

Acclaim & Notoriety

Handing out the most awards in the industry (real awards), USACi always finds a way to give back to our competitors, some of whom catch the eyes of manufacturers and various publications.

Welcome to loud - welcome, to usaci


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