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Amplifier Clamping - What's The Big Deal?

Often times manufacturers wont necessarily tell the truth about what power their amplifiers put out.  Sometimes they are rated too high, sometimes they are severely under-rated, thus resulting in an extremely impressed customer, sometimes a rather unhappy one.

When this adversely affects an audio competitor, it becomes a problem.  Since we as an organization can't control the manufacturers, we decided it would only be fair to control their products.  Using special equipment during testing, we can govern the system output, as well as impose power limitations to make all the competitive classes fun AND fair.

What Is The Difference Between Tone Bursts & Music?

This one is a super simple one.  In this tutorial video we explain all about tone bursting, peak frequency discovery and utilization, our musical formats such as Street Beat & Bass Battles & which one os right for you.

We also cover your charging system and reserve capacity in order to teach you how they both play a role in what you are capable of choosing without harming your equipment

The Infamous String Test & When It Applies

In this tutorial video we discuss the String Test and how USACi officiants use it to determine adherence to the rules per Division & Class.

The absolute worst thing in the world is to not have a proper understanding of the rules before you begin system design and completion, only to find out you can't compete legally in the Class or Division for which you are interested.

What is Term-Lab, How Does It Work & Why Do We Use It?

In this video we discuss the Term-Lab family of products.  We go over each piece of equipment and what they are used for.

Also discussed are the benefits of using Term-Lab equipment over other brands of equipment.

We also teach you about the USACi "Globe" & Port Jig.

A Quick Dive Into Electrical Fundamentals 101

Discussed in this video are several notable laws of the 12 volt world everyone should know such as Ohm's Law, the theory of loss over length, the benefits of the Big-3, and much more.

Also discussed are the three allowable options of reserve power recognized and allowed by USACi in competition.

The 7 Most Common Accidents In The Competition Lanes

In this tutorial video we discuss some of the most common incidents that can and have happened in the USACi competition lanes, from dangerous mishaps to moments competitors may not be too proud of.

Remember kids, physical safety is paramount, but don't forget to NOT embarrass yourself or make an accidental spectacle of yourself, after all, this isn't child's play.