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Novice Division


A Division specifically designed and designated for the true newbie!  A tone burst division, Novice focuses on the fundamentals  while being flexible, a perfect spot to get your feet wet.

Stock Division


Modest builds that do damage!  Stock is also a tone burst Division and is primarily focused on getting the absolute best score from a truly un-modified vehicle.

No Wall Division


Here's where it starts getting serious and scary!  The No Wall Division is a tone burst class for the true nut-case.  When the back seat just has to go, or the enclosure just needs to be bigger; No Wall allows for some hefty modifications.

Modified Division


When you have given up on reason, and abandon everything sensible behind your B-Pillar, Modified is a tone burst Division for the true lunatics of our sport!  Be very leery of climbing in!

Extreme Division


WARNING!  The Extreme Division is tone bursting on a whole new level of psychotic.  When your vehicle becomes a tool instead of a means of transportation, you tend to do things a little Extreme.

Street Beat Division


Bored of burping?  So are these guys!  Real music tracks for real music people!  The Street Beat Division allows for timed music play, and the loudest average wins!

Bass Battles Division


How low can you go?  Ask these subsonic madmen!  The Bass Battles Division is a roof tearing, windshield shattering musically windy experience like no other.  Street Beat's chopped and screwed brother, feeding on the LOOWWS!

Port Wars Division


Oh yah!  What's it do in the port?  Mic it, burp it, pray you don't break it, Port Wars is a tone burst Division where SPL is measured in your port vent for MAXIMUM SPL scores!

Trunk Division


Daily bangin, where it all started!  The Division that started it all, Trunk Division is dedicated to tone bursting from the trunk.  Trunk cars battle it out for bragging rights; loudest with a stock cabin wins.

Sound Quality Division


Where the professors of our industry collide to provide a listening experience that will tickle all 10 of your senses.  Install quality, sound quality, system design, a Division for the consummate perfectionist!

Non Sanctioned Classes


For when you want to compete, but you just discovered the rule book.  No worries, these locally offered classes wont get you an invite to World Finals, but they will help you gain some experience in the lanes.  See your local show schedule to inquire!

Demo Classes


These guys and gals are really doling out the pain!  Sickening loud vocals, thunderously low sub-bass, and build quality that will blow your mind.  Judged on a whole list of criteria, and not just a number, these brave souls compete to see who is KING... or QUEEN of the street!!