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Usaci world finals - the road home

Where Dreams Are Achieved & Records Are Set

USACi World Finals is an annual event where the best of the best in their respective Divisions meet to battle it out to see who reigns supreme.  Awards for each USACi Division and subsequent Class are distributed to winners 1st through 3rd in their respective Classes.

World Finals isn't just an ordinary Audio Competition by any means.  This is an invitation only event where participation is determined by a points based system managed by USACi Administration.

Throughout the show season, competitors compete at various events, and as they win awards locally, they earn points based on the strength of their win, as well as the designation of the shows themselves; i.e. Single, Double, Triple or Quadruple Point Events.

Competitors must earn a minimum of 75 points overall, and at least 25 of those points being in a specific Class within a Division.  That dictates the Class(es) for which they compete at World Finals.

At World Finals, you will see competitors from around the world, many different manufacturers, and industry affiliates, as well as some of your local heroes trying their hands at becoming titans in our sport!

Want to Learn More?

Often times our World Finals venue will change but we try to keep our location as centralized within the continental United States as possible to provide for fair travel for all landlocked U.S. competitors.

For the upcoming USACi World Finals Event information such as location, dates and times, please click the link below.


Would you like to take part in our World Finals event and gain exposure for your company or business?  USACi offers excellent sponsorship opportunities at our World Finals Event for parties looking to get their reach to stretch further.  Click the link below to view our World Finals Sponsorship Program!