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sound system spotlight DECEMBER 2019 DAVID AUTIN


  Ladies & gentlemen, meet Dave Autin and his 2016 Ford Fusion!  Dave is featured as the USACi Sound System Spotlight for the month of December 2019.  Dave competed in the Trunk Division's 3K Clamped Class at 2019 USACi World Finals and captured 3rd place.  Dave's audio system is comprised of all Incriminator Audio products from his subwoofer stage to his amplifiers.  His equipment list consists of a pair of Incriminator subs, an Incriminator IA40.1 Monoblock Amplifier, and an Incriminator IA6.4 driving his front stage.  Feeding these power plants power are a pair of Batcap 200's in the back with a pair of Maxwell Capacitor banks, as well as an XS Power D4700 AGM & his stock alternator!  All is controlled by his OEM head unit with a Metra Digital Sound Processor.  A daily driver, Dave's Ford is extremely musical and does DAMAGE at 30Hz!   Dave, USACi thanks you for taking the time to submit your entry for SSS and we wish you all the best in your competitive future!  Rock on!

sound system spotlight november 2019 conrad czarnik

MAGNITUDE 9 BY Conrad Czarnick


 Magnitude 9 is a complete DD build which includes 8 Digital Designs 9500 Series 18" subwoofers, 8 Digital Designs M5 Monoblock Amplifiers, a whopping 500 ah C-max lithium battery mmbank, all together producing an SPL score of 168.5db!  The build was 100% built in Conrad's garage by himself and a helping hand from his friend Greg Anderson.  The vocal driver setup includes 3 100x4 Digital Designs amplifiers, 8 Digital Designs 8" Neo Midranges, 4 Digital Designs 6.5" Neo Midranges & 16 of the V04 SuperTweeters by Digital Designs also!  The powerplant for his sound system begins with a massive 370a high output alternator & is connected to his components with over 500' of 2/0 OFC welding cable!  The enclosure includes 1.5” acrylic glass over the display boxes in his 3.5:1 ratio 4th order bandpass.  And of course to hold it together is 22-4x8 pieces of 3/4” 13-ply Baltic birch.  Green LED lighting and a clean install help make this build stand very far out in a crowd.  Congratulations Conrad for becoming USACi's first ever winner of our monthly Sound System Spotlight feature! 

Who Is January's Winner - You Decide!


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